Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Outfits

Here are the kids outfit from Easter. I made Maggie's dress and Sam's bow tie. I saw a picture of a dress on and was able to make the same one (after a lot of practice runs).

Easter Weekend

We had a fun Easter weekend with the kids, well mainly with Maggie. Sam chose to sleep through most of it. We had an egg hunt as a playgroup at the park. Maggie hadn't done an egg hunt since last year, but instincts told her that something yummy was inside these eggs. That something was usually chocolate.

We dyed eggs together as a family. This was one of my favorite traditions as a family, so it was fun to share it with the kids. When Maggie found the hard boiled eggs during our egg hunt, she got so excited because she colored it.

Sam and I participated by giving moral support.

We enjoyed another egg hunt with the ward. Maggie was so slow that she only got a few, though that didn't matter when she found that one of the eggs had two plastic rings inside. She wanted to go home and show her dad (he had to study).

On Sunday, we did our baskets with the traditional books inside. I didn't want to peak at mine, so it is still in the Amazon packaging. The Easter Bunny is a smart shopper this year. Mike got "The Bone Collector". Never had heard of it, but it got great reviews as a thriller on goodreads. I got "The Rent Collector" which I have finished and recommend it. Maggie got Jungle Book with a Snow White figurine. Sam got Dr. Seuss ABC which Maggie has taken over.

 Proof that Sam was there. I don't have many photos of him because you can only take so many of a sleeping baby.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Little Hooligins

Saturday night, we needed a family date night after a rough week with Sam being sick (seriously, let's be done with all the sick drama). We built a fort, read Dr. Seuss books, ate pizza, and played the Fancy Nancy board game. It was a great night.

Maggie loves to sneak into my closet and wear my shoes, especially my high heels (which is funny because I remember trying on my mom's gray high heels and her wooden clogs all the time).

We have been so blessed with friends giving us their old, but still awesome, toys. I enjoy building towers with Maggie and racing cars down the track. Maybe she will become a lego girl like her cousins.

I feel so bad because I have so many photos of Maggie and not that many of Sam. But in all reality, this is what Sam does most of the time. Sleep. I have to say that he is pretty cute at it though. We bought in a sleeper blanket, aka stray jacket, and he is out in seconds.

For preschool today, we matched letters. Since getting the Dr. Seuss book, "ABC", you know the one that goes, "Big A, Little a what begins with a?" Well, she now saying her some of her letters, so I figured we would work together on them.

*I know my child is not wearing a shirt. She sneaked into the cookie dough and got her all over her shirt.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One Month

So Mr. Sam has been part of our family for one month now. Crazy. This month sure has gone faster than the month before we had him. Life has calmed down now that we are back into a routine. Maggie is healthy and happy (making everyone in our family happy), Sam is the perfect second child (super chilled, great eater and sleeper), Mike finished his two weeks in Plainview (45 min away), and I am slowly figuring out how to juggle my time between two kids (key is not to clean your house!).

When Maggie was born, I had all the time in the world to watch her grow up. But with Sam, sometimes it is hard to find time to sit back and enjoy all the little facial expressions and ponder what his personality is going to be like. I have turned Maggie's nap as Sam's time. I don't touch a single dirty dish or toy during that time. We just lay down on the couch, smile at each other, cuddle, and eventually fall asleep together.

With that, here are some photos of him from the last month. I have to be honest, he is not photogenic at all. He really is a cute kid, but most of the photos of him make him look like a floppy fatty, though the fat is probably not an exaggeration. He is a beast.

Here he is, sporty his Sunday attire (thanks Aunt Rachel!!) for General Conference. Why is it okay for him to sleep through the talks, but not adults. . . namely me?

Mike was complaining that he is always fussy when he holds him. At that moment, Sam fell asleep. See what I mean about being a perfect second child. His timing couldn't have been better.

Let's get a close up on that face. That is a face of a professional sleeper.

His one month photo. I liked how some of my friends took photos of their kids with stuffed animals so you could see how much they have grown. I thought we would try it with this man. Oh, our little man cub is starting to smile.

Our Little Princess

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sam's Baby Blessing

Yesterday, we blessed our Mr. Sam. We didn't have family in town, but were able to have some really close friends be part of it, including Steve Cowles, Brad Evanson, Chaz Willnauer, Kevin Kim, Bryan Martin, and Mike Derrick. Mike blessed him with the name Samuel Michael Matthews. I was nervous that he might change his name to Mike Jr. (his dad changed the name of his niece per request of his sister). The blessing centered around him being a calm, peace maker and mediator. We were so blessed to be able to use the same outfit that Mike was blessed in. I knitted the white booties for him. It was a really special occasion for our family.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tummy Time

I am trying to be better about tummy time with Sam since we sort of failed with Maggie. He is a good sport for about three minutes, then he is done. After he was done with the boppy, Maggie wanted to take her turn with tummy time. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Let's Go Fly a Kite

While Grandma Price was in town, we bought our first kite for the windy city of Lubbock. Maggie had a blast watching it fly in the sky and retrieving it when it fell. Sam was a good spectator and just watched.