Friday, November 20, 2015

Oh the leaves

The leaves in our yard are so fun to jump in.I like to jump with Izzie, with Robyn, and Katie.-Maggie

We got a ton of leaves this year. I would rake a big pile that fill up 6-8 bags each week. It lasted for almost two months. Every time a different friend would come over, we would jump in the leaves. Let's just say we are through and through done with leaves for the year. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We had a really fun family vacation to Yellowstone. I kept telling Mike that this is was real American families do. We stayed at his parent's little a-frame cabin just outside Yellowstone in Island Park. The kids thought the cabin was so cool. That first day we played around (lots of pine cone wars), visited a natural spring and feed massive trout, and roasted s'mores. Mike has such fond memories of this place that I am so happy that our kids could partake of the same fun.

The next day we went to Yellowstone. We did the Geyser route. This was not the most kid-friendly idea. Sam refused to stay in the stroller and wanted to walk himself. He would weave across the path, getting so close to the edge. And then he would stick his head over the ledge to get a closer look of the boiling water. It definitely made me nervous, along with all the Asian tourist who were trying to help herd him away. We saw buffalo and elk. It was so gorgeous to go in the Autum. The colors were so warm and beautiful. 

 This is where Sam decided to not walk, not go in the stroller, not be held. He just wanted to be jumped. That can only take you so far mister.

The last day we played around the cabin more. On the way home, we stopped by Mesa Falls and walked around. It was a shorter vacation, lots of driving, but it was really fun to just be together the four of us. Plus we all slepts so soundly, which really makes for a great vacation.