Sunday, November 23, 2014

Autumn Love

These two crack me up. We had a big pile of leaves a few weeks ago that was begging to play in. It had to end short when Sam learned that leaves are fun to eat. Yuck!

Friday, November 14, 2014

According to Maggie

The captions to these photos are all written by the beautiful Maggie. Hope you are can understand what is going on in the photos. (...) are by me.

(since she is not in the photo, she didn't want to comment. Sam was all ready to order at the resturant with Rachel and Jared)

Jesus. Jesus Statue. It's not scary. (She was really scared to see the Jesus statue. She also had an accident right afterwards and striped toher bum before we could see what was happening)

I see water. At the temple. Water. water. (She really liked the fountains and asked to pose up by the doors)

I see a water. water. water. (see a theme with the temple photos) 

Sam all buckled up. (We went for a Sunday walk to Bridal Veil falls with the Barbers)

Mommy, Jack, Daddy. (Nicole-she still talks about Jack and how Jack's mommy made her a tiara)

I put stick in the water.

I don't know. (Again, she is not in the photo, so she could care less. But look at that cutie)

Mommy and Sam go into the water.

I painting. I painting in there. 

Maggie and daddy going in the water.

 Maggie and Grandma making cookies.

Timothy and boy James are funny. (We had a couson sleep over that was really fun, crazy, and had included little sleep)

Secret club house.

I watching the tv. I watching the newspaper. (I thought it was super funny that she was so desperate to watch TV that she was watching the news, in her Ariel dress)

My car. I sit on it. (For our "w" day, we made a car with wings and wheels)