Monday, March 30, 2009

The Luau

This year, I decided to get connected with my Heritage. Sorry Josh, my birth mom wasn't Hawaiian, but Tahitian!!! The multicultural center at BYU put together this luau and opened it up for anyone to join. We thought we would have a lot of fun doing it. I practiced every Saturday for two months to perform for a total of five minutes with both days.

These are the girls that I did the dance with (Left to right: me, Bri, Andrea, Karen, and Mandie)

Here is Mike coming down to congrats his new Tahitian wife.

This is the full costume. We had to make the hip band, but the huge shell was actually bought and shipped from Tahiti.
We have just finished the dance and are headed off the stage.

You can see my backside on the right for a bit before a turn around the circle.