Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Eve and Morning

 My parents, Joey's family, Josh's family, and our family were together for Christmas Eve and morning. We started the evening with the traditional dinner of what Christ would eat: fish, bread, and grape juice, though the kids had fish sticks. We then gathered in the piano room and sang carols together. Thanks Josh for accompaniment on the recorder. All the kids then lined up and followed Grandma on a "We Three Kings" trail in search for Christmas pj's. Long story with our matching family pjs. I made them way too wide, the crotch too high, and not enough fabric. This "it will only take 15 minutes each" project was horrible and next year, I will for sure follow a pattern. Luckily, Maggie thought it was so found for us to match. We have had matching piggy pj parties since.

Christmas morning was great. Each family opened their gift on their own. Santa brought breakfast and a few small gifts in our stockings along with one unopened toy for the kiddos. It looks like the kids are drugged up in the photos, but they really did have a good morning. Maggie got a Rapunzel doll, frozen figurines, a book on CD, and a play dough kit. Sam got a wooden hammer kit, a bath toy, wash cloths, and a plastic book. That afternoon, we took family photos and had a big dinner at the church where we played floor hockey and had an impromptu family talent show.

One big family Gathering

We had my whole family together for Christmas this year, first time we have all been together in 4 years. Let's just say with 12 adults and 20 kids, other was short of crazy fun. Lots of laughs, a few tears (mostly from our princess), and great memories. 

Hazel loved Sam and I think he was quite fond of her too. It was just so cute to hear her (a baby herself) say Sam's names, want to feed him, and play with him. 

Christmas just isn't Christmas without playing carols by the piano. Mike is teaching Sam at a young age.

The one sure-fire thing that brought Maggie and Amelia together was Frozen. They didn't play together often (hopefully when they get a bit older), but when they did, it was really cute.

Sam LOVES dogs. Poor Lucy. She got probably too much love from him.

We had to schedule our days, activities, and meals to make sure that things went smoothly with this many people.

While the girls are out. . .

The boys build a fire, Papa sings scout songs. . .

and lots of marshmallows consume.

Us girls were able to got out for dinner at one of the two restaurants in Canby. It was fun.

Silver Creek Falls

On one of the warmer/dry Saturdays, we made it out to Silver Creek Falls with my sister's family. This is one of my favorite go-to hikes. Without knowing, they were having a Christmas festival at the visitor's cabin. Annie's girls are seasoned hikers, which helped increase Maggie's enjoyment. Especially when they got to the cave behind the waterfall. Sam liked looking around and eventually falling asleep. Afterwards, we visited their house they are in the middle of buying, making Mike and I itching to buy a home in the country. 

Outdoor fun

The weather was pretty good while in Oregon so we were able to kick the kids outside of a lot. Maggie loved the idea of looking for bugs and snake. This little girl, for as much princess as she is, does enjoy her fair share of creepy crawlers. They found a fuzzy caterpillar and a newt on this occasion. **Do you see how curly Maggie's hair is in Oregon? Now that we are back in Lubbock, it is just this awkward wave again.

Sam LOVES shoulder rides, which is good because your arms can kill after carrying him on your hip for so long. He like being part of the group more now that he is getting older.

It flooded one of the days (the river floods my parent's road several times a year) that we were there so naturally we had to wade through it and skip rocks. Ben was an amazing rock skipper and out skipped Mike, which is saying a lot.

 As we were walking down the road, I told Mike that there were going to be at least two kids that get in the freezing water. Well, my child was one of them. Mike and to go in and follow her to make her she didn't fall off the ledge into the river.