Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Last of Autumn

I absolutely love autumn. I love the weather, the fun activities, the food (seriously can't get enough of pumpkin), and the decorations. Well here is a photo dump of all the rest of the autumn photos that I want to keep in our family journal.

Enjoying the corn maze with Tommy's Dental office.

The view from our front yard. Our street knows how to do autumn.

We were able to take the kids to a BYU football game. It was such a good experience, weather was great, game was a blow out (we won), Maggie got to see the cheerleaders, more treats and fun snacks than they could handle, and Grandma and Papa Matthews was able to join us at the end.

Mike caught a shirt!

We love having the trails right by our house. This was the first time that Sam wanted to hike on his own. He didn't do too bad. I am betting that next summer he will be as fast as Maggie (which is as fast as a slug sometimes).

 Happy Halloween from the Toy Story crew: Jessie, Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and Slinky

Kids will be Kids

Hooligans, munchkins, rascals, punks, whatever you want to call them, kids are going to be kids.

SUU vs Weber State

What a fun last minute guys night. My dad happen to be in town when SUU and Weber State was playing here in Ogden, so the southern boys drove up and they all got to go. My dad and mom met at SUU, so it was really exciting for my dad to cheer for his alma mater. Hopefully this becomes a yearly thing.

Dating the Best Guy in the World

Back in October, Mike and I had two opportunities for spend time with each other. First, the intern retreat in Park City. Larena was so kind to watch our kids over night while we went up. They had several workshops for us, a fun day at the resort, and a fancy dinner. Later in the month, we were able to go to Lagoon for Frightmares. We went through 3-4 haunted houses and Mike laughed the whole time while I screamed my head off. It is times like this that get us through the hard months (like now) and we look forward to the next time that we can escape and had fun together.

Laughs, Cuteness, and just plain gross

Trying to get a nice, sweet photo of them siting in front of the tree and this is what I get.

 I just love this cute bunch of people.

The primary kids sang a song at the Ward Christmas Party and Maggie and Sam (who are both still in nursery, not primary) snuck up and sang with them.

All he needs is a top hat and you got Magic Mike.

Mommy bragging moment: Maggie drew these photos all by her self. I am so amazed in the details that he includes (like earrings on the ears). Sorry they are upside down. The first one is our family driving in the car with Mowgli in his crate and the second one is extra cute how she used the stickers as their heads.

And just plain gross. I don't want to know whose blood that even is and what hole that came out of.

The Village in Ogden

This will definitely be a yearly tradition while we are here. Downtown Ogden has set up about 50 little houses that you walk around and look through the window to see the different displays. We went on a day that snowed a lot so there wasn't many people there. The kids even got to visit Santa. Maggie is really catching on to this Santa thing and she was so in awe when she saw him.She was also a bit confused when he was in Utah, as compared to the North Pole. This was one of the few things that Mike was able to do with us this month. I feel bad because we and the kids have been off doing all this fun holiday festivities while he is working.At least we will have him for Christmas, though he may be a zombie from working nights.

Snow and more Snow

I have been trying to tell people that since I moved back to Utah, mother nature is going to dump us with snow all winter long and she has not disappointed. It just keeps snowing and snowing and snowing. And I swear that Ogden is getting more. Well, the kids love it and I don't mind it as much now that I got good boots and mittens. 

Price Family Christmas Party

Well, the three Price families that are in Utah got together for a Christmas Party. We started the day swimming at the Provo Rec Center. Afterwards, we met at Joey's house, did Christmas crafts, played a lot, reenacted the Nativity, ate a yummy dinner, had a Christmas devotional, and exchange gifts. I am posting a ton of random photos of the reenactment because I don't think even a hundred photos would do this play justice. You get that many silly kids together and it is bound to be a good time.