Tuesday, April 14, 2015

He's Walking!!

Sam has come so far with his walking. He isn't walking 100% of the time, but he is choosing to do it more and more. It has been so fun to go through this whole process with him. Is he going to slim down now? I love his chub, but it would be nice for him to wear clothes longer than 2 months.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Maggie's Birthday

Maggie has been planning her birthday party for months now. She planned the theme, the cake, the games, and who was coming. It wasn't the "pinterest" version of a party, but the kids loved it.

On her birthday, we had cupcakes and opened presents. We gave her some barbies, a snow white dress, and fairy wings. Grandma Matthews gave her a Rapunzel play dough set where the play dough comes out of the tiara as hair. She also gave her money to pick out some new jellies, which she has been asking for since her last ones got too small.

Sam enjoyed her sister's pink cupcake more than his own. It was seriously was like The Cat in the Hat book where there was pink everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, on the tub.

 For her party, each girl (and one boy) came dressed up like a princess and decorated a tiara.

 I thought I took more photo, but I can't find them. We played pop-a-balloon where they said, "bibbodi, boppodi, bo" and popped a balloon with a wand. Then, we moved onto pinning the nose on Olaf. We then played a save-the-sea-creatures for Ariel (kind of like a parachute game), moved onto a rapped in in hair Rapunzel game, and ended the party with a princess dance lesson taught by Brooke. That sounds like a lot, but with 3-year olds, it only lasted an hour. We ate cake, opened presents, and played with toys. Over all, it was a good party.

Here are some pictures of the food and decorations. I had to take them really fast before the kids ate the food and I didn't even get any of the fire place.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Color Run

Our best friends here were able to get us tickets to do the Color Run this year. Mike and I decided that our kids are going to either absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. Well it didn't start too good. Maggie was so shy having so many people around the start line. I told her that we were going to have "pixie dust" thrown on us. She wasn't too sure about the idea. The first color zone was pink, her favorite, but when we were running, she tripped at the beginning, which made for a sad zone. The blue was next. Once she discovered that she could pick up the extra from the ground (or straight from the worker's bucket), and throw it on daddy, it all of a sudden became super cool. By the glitter zone, we were making snow angels on the ground. Thanks Brooke and Steve for inviting us!!