Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Summer Fun

This summer has been filled with three things: Mike studying for the MCAT, me training for my marathon, and SEVEN PEAKS!!!! After the cold month of June, our friends convinced us to get season passes to Seven Peaks (the water park in Provo). We usually go a couple of times a week right after work. It has been a great way to escape the heat.

See that really steep, orange slide behind me? Our first trip here, Mike and his friends were going to go down it and I decided that I had to go down also, otherwise I would be to scared for the rest of the summer. After some hesitation, I was able to go down. However, our next trip to Seven Peaks, I tried going down again. I was so afraid, it took me four times of getting on the slide and then getting off the slide. Finally Mike just went down, standing there by myself gave me the courage to go again. I went three more times in a row to completely overcome my fear. I can do it with ease now.

This is Mike going down the scariest slide at Seven Peaks, "The Sky Breaker". I don't think you can tell that much with this shot, but when you go down this slide, you get some air coming out of the tube. I haven't tried this slide yet (too afraid) but my goal is to have it mastered by the end of summer. Sorry for the bad film job. I don't know want I was thinking about when I filmed it vertically.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Year Anniversary

For our one year anniversary, we borrowed Josh's scooter and rode down to Mona. It was a long trip, taking all the back roads through Provo, Springville, Spanish Fork, Payson, Santiquin, Mona, and finally arriving at Burston pond. We were really looking forward to swing off this well-known rope swing, but I guess it got cut down earlier that week.
I tried taking a picture of us driving the scooter, but this is as far as my arm would reach.

As tradition goes in the Matthews family, when there is water, we must skip rocks. I think that Mike looks like a Greek statue or something like that in this picture.