Monday, October 12, 2015

Little Family Traditions

I am a strong believer of family traditions. So many of memories of growing up are centered around traditions (big or small). I loved how we went to Trout Lake for 4-5 years in a row. I love how we could choose our birthday dinner, even when I asked for cut up hot dogs in BBQ sauce (my mom hated that dinner). One of ours that I have started with the kids is Mac-n-cheese Mondays. The kids LOVE mac-n-cheese and Maggie asks for it almost everyday. So I decided that we would do it on Mondays and I wouldn't have to fight it the rest of the week. Mondays now have evolved into a slower day where we might run a few errands or just stay home and play games. It is a good way to start the week.


Maggie is doing a neighborhood preschool this year. We are having a lot of fun. I taught this last time and the theme was camping with the letter C. The girls are super sweet and love doing all the activities. Instead of doing a recess at the end, we are doing center time in the middle, where they do a theme-related "free play". This week, I had a tent set up in our livingroom with all the gear inside and then a box of blocks that I thought they would use as firewood, but ended up being their fish that they caught from the river (much cuter idea). 

Playdough fun. I had them poke little pieces of straws into the playdough to form the letter c.

Center time!

Water coloring a picture of a tent.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Date Night

I love babysitting swaps, and I am so grateful that we were able to get one started here in Utah. For our last date, we went mountain biking. Mike laughed at me because he said I went faster uphill than I did down hill (I get so scared going down fast that I end up hitting my brakes the whole way down). Autumn is in full swing here. I think Autumn is best season here because the golden grass matches really well with all the colored trees.