Sunday, January 30, 2011


Since I finally figured out how to change the background such that you can actually see the designed that I picked out, it would probably show that we updated our blog when in fact we haven't. So I decided to actually write something. Mike hates it when I blog without a picture and we rarely take pictures, I found one from a couple of weeks ago that I thought was worthy of blogging.

It was a Saturday night, and I was getting ready for a date night. As I was brushing through my hair, I noticed something unusual. Before I share, let me give you some background information. this last spring, I permed my hair to prep for teaching in the fall. Over the course of the summer though, the chemical that permed my hair caused my hair to be lightened by the sun. I have had 20 people ask me if I have dyed my hair. Since then, I have been very aware of my hair color and occasionally check for "the line". Back to the date night. As I was brushing through my hair, I found a gray hair. Yes, that's right. . . A GRAY HAIR. Now, I have never thought I would be the one to battle age, but when it came knocking on my door, I freaked out. The first thought that came in my head was "blasted fifth graders. Turning my hair gray". I had Mike come in and do a head check for more. Gratefully that was the only culprit.

If this is how I react with a single strand of gray hair, what am I going to do when I get saggy boobs or flabby arms.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surprise Trip to Oregon

This last weekend, my siblings and I surprised my parents by flying out to Oregon. My dad just got called as bishop and we thought that we would support him on the big day that he was called. Joey and I flew together from Salt Lake. When we were going through security, the guard asked me for my age. I had to think about for a bit then replied that I was 23. He was shocked and thought I was Joey's daughter of something. I don't know who was more insulted: me for looking so young or Joey for looking so old. It must had been the skinny jeans. Joey didn't realize that when he picked out our seats, they were actually across the isle from each other. We waited to see if anyone would take the seats around them. No one did. I thought about moving over to sit next to him, but to have the whole row to yourself is a rarity. So I stayed put. I felt a little bad for not wanting to sit next to my brother, but then again, he didn't come and join me, so I take it we both needed time to get work done and enjoy our books.
We arrived two hours before Josh, so we went out to eat with Dusty and Annie. In the car ride home, we were scheming didn't ways to sneak up. Annie and Joey were lame and walked straight up to the door to knock. You feel pretty lame trying some funny trick, so I sheepishly stood next to them. I thought for sure that my mom would do her high-pitch squeal, but instead she was quiet and humbled.
The weekend was so fun. We weren't there for long, it was nice to visit a lot. After all, that is what my family does best, talk. I saw Rita for the first time. If I was guaranteed to have a replica of her, I would baby today. She was so calm and adorable. I also so Annie's new house. I was thoroughly jealous of her. Overall, the trip made me miss living in Oregon a lot. I don't know where our lives will take us, but I hope the road will end in Oregon. (By the way, Mike didn't read this post until after I posted it, otherwise I don't know if that last sentence would have made it on.) At least I have my trip in June to look forward to.