Saturday, August 31, 2013

The month of August and we did it!

First of all, we did it. Maggie and I survived a week without Mike. She is tucked into bed, and Mike should be home in about 30 minutes. Woot, woot!! Actually, the week went by pretty fast. Thank you all who talked with me on the phone during moments when I needed someone who would actually talk back to me in understandable English.

Second, I just uploaded the photos from the month of August. 14. I took a total of 14 photos from August. Could this be because there is no major Holidays or birthdays, we do the same thing every day, or I am such an amazing mom that I live every minute in the moment with my daughter. Let's be honest, it was because of the first two reasons. Well, here are a few gems that I was able to capture.

Maggie thinks it is the grandest thing in the world to sit in a "Maggie size" chair. She will eat her breakfast and read her books in it.

She has figured out how to climb up onto things (thank goodness not the table or piano yet). This makes playing at friends' houses and the park more fun.

I did do two photo shoots this month to practice lighting. Maggie is a challenging model, but she does do a mean elephant impersonation.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Life as a Mom

My sister in-law posted this week about a conference she attended addressing the need for women to write down their story. Specifically, more introspective insights on life and less the day-to day activities. If we truly value our life, then we need to record it in order for it to be remembered. I have been thinking a lot about this lately, and thought that this week would be good to time to record since Mike has been gone, leaving me on full-time parent duty. I was nervous about him leaving because I dread the late afternoon/early evenings. By that point in the day, we have already gone to the park, played with friends, read 20 books, and people are busy with making dinner and being with husbands when they get home. Mike usually comes home and plays with Maggie then, but with him gone, what was I going to do?

This week is halfway over and everything has gone smooth so far (knock on wood). What I thought would drag on, has actually turned into great bonding times. Being a good mom means sacrifice; I heard this many times, but it has a new meaning this week. I knew that being a mom would mean having a messier house, hair in a ponytail, and lack of free time, but the real sacrifice comes in changing my perspective to fit hers. I've always played in the sandbox or blown bubbles, but I usually check the time every three minutes to see when Mike was coming home to take over. Since there is no parent swapping, no point in looking at the watch, so I might as well enjoy it. And I have. Life is more satisfying when I can enjoy it as Maggie does. I have been amazed how quickly our evenings past when I love it as she does.

I would never want to be a single parent. This week has reinforced the need of a father and mother in raising a child. Sometimes Maggie wakes up from her nap, sees the picture of Mike, and starts whimpering for dada. It can be such a precious moment, but it does break my heart. Only three more days until he gets back.

*List of all the things we have done already this week to keep us busy and not think about Mike being gone too much:
feed the ducks, gone for walks, played at the park, sandbox, bubbles, Jungle book music video, FHE, scripture study, read books, baths, exercise, library, pet store, grocery shopping, lunch at chic-fila, science museum, Joann's, swimming, baked cookies, lesson with the missionaries, talked with family on the phone, skyped with Mike, playgroup, play date with friend, play area at mall, more sandbox, more books, and even more bubbles. And it's only Wednesday.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Our silly child

Maggie is getting wild and silly (in a good way though). When she gets in these silly moods, she loves to get a reaction, even to the point where she will do a forced laugh. 

At home, Maggie is very much a baby still. She wants to be held, cuddled, rocked, and constantly played with. I love it to a point. I love how she still will come to me and have these sweet moments, but it is hard when you are wanting to go to the bathroom, take a shower, or cook dinner. However, when we are in public with lots of other kids, she is Miss Independent. She thinks she is one of the big girls by going down 6 feet tall slides by herself. This is her at the mall where she loves to go down the fast slide.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The true Oregonian in her

What can I say, she was born to want to live in Oregon. She was running all around with her hands out and laughing. It was a challenge to get her inside.