Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas Break

Christmas was a blast for us. Mike was working nights that week, which actually worked out great. One Christmas Eve, the kids made and decorate cookies for Santa along with coloring pictures for him.

 We had our traditional dinner of what "Christ would eat". I put that in quotes because growing up, that somehow morphed into clam chowder in bread bowls. This year for us, we had grilled salmon, bread, olives, and grape juice.

 Here is the tree after Santa visited. Santa even came bearing gifts for the pouch.

Growing up, we always took a picture of the kids sitting on the stairs right before the rush to the tree. I love how I can continue this tradition with my kids, and that I have stair to actually do this.

The kids were so happy over all the little things about Christmas. I love this photo of Maggie because this was her face literal all day.

 Sam loved every minute of it also. He still pulls out his socks that he got from his stocking and says, "Santa?!"

It only took 1.5 hours to completely enjoy all his toys and have stuffing scattered all over the room.

 For New Years, we went up to the Cabin with a few of the cousins. I couldn't keep Sam inside because he just wanted to go sledding and go on the snow mobile. Maggie was all giddy with Jane and Hazel and a suitcase full of princess dresses (yes, even at the cabin).

*I am going to have to do another Christmas post with all of Mike's photo. It really messes me up now that he takes photos with his phone.