Monday, January 19, 2009

Farewell to Spring

For those of you who didn't get the privilege to visit our little get away, we wanted to share with you what you were missing out on.
This is our kitchen/dinning room. We had a card table to the left where we host many important people, such as Kelli, Mom and Dad, and that's about it.
This was the living room/family room/bedroom. We had our bed by the window, our dresser in the closet, another card table in a corner you can't really see in this photo for our computer and stidying, and a bookcase and TV stand next to the bed. For furniture, we loved our one black banana chair. We actually really liked the place.

During Thanksgiving break, we went bowling with Mike's family. There was a sign that said if you bowl a turkey (three strikes in a row) you win a turkey. And you doesn't like turkey? There was also a competition going on between each couple. Go thing that Mike is good at bowling to carry my slack on the team. In the end, Mike won a turkey. That means Thanksgiving in February!