Saturday, September 22, 2012

Half Birthday

Today is Maggie's true half birthday. Her latest tricks include pulling toys out of her basket, passing the ball back and forth, drinking out of a sippy cup, and taking pleasure in sharing her bodily fluids with her mom.

Mike has been doing really well in school. He has studied less this year, but has done just as well. He has been playing basketball with the ward and football with the med school. He volunteers once a month at free clinic where he learns a lot from the other doctors and practices his basic skills. With him being busy, I have developed different talents. I have always been a horrible baker so I decided to use this time to learn how to bake cookies. It started because I was asked to make sugar cookies for a RS activity. They turned out so awful that Mike wouldn't eat them. I have so far successfully baked chocolate chip cookies, chocolate walnut bars, oatmeal white chocolate chip cranberry cookies, and red velvet cheesecake cookies. Mike is thoroughly enjoying this adventure. Well, that's our life in a nutshell.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall is Here!

I woke up this morning to autumn. I love autumn. The colors are beautiful, the warm smells of pumpkin are comforting, and I finally get to dress up my baby. Since Maggie was born in late March (which is pretty much the start of summer here), she has only known onesies or a bare belly. Now I am excited for pants, socks, shoes, and jackets. Oh the cute jackets and sweaters that I have been dying to put on her. I had her change her outfit three times this morning because I just wanted to see how she looked in long sleeves. 

Fall also means BYU football. Mike insist that it is okay that Maggie watches the game even though she is only five months old. Good thing there are only a few day games otherwise she would get a lot of screen time.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Latest Happenings

Maggie is hitting a fun stage where she is really beginning to play with toys and people. She smiles when we play peek-a-boo, she will reach for toys when they are out of reach, and she still LOVES older kids. On the weekend, we like to babysit our friends' kids so Maggie will have a playmate. The other kids will play with her and get her to laugh so hard. She truly needs an older sibling, but cousins and friends will have to do. Her personality is beginning to develop more. Maggie is pretty tough; she rarely cries when she falls or other kids are rough with her. She needs to be involved with any social event around her (which makes nursing her a challenge-she won't nurse if there are other people around, the TV is on, I'm reading a book or talking on the phone). She is very laid back. She will smile, but I wouldn't say that she is a smiley baby. Ladies at the store will try to get her to smile, but all they get is a blank expression. Laughing comes when she is tired at night or with older kids. I feel so blessed to have such a good child that I thoroughly enjoy being with. 

Maggie sitting in the cart for the first time.

Maggie loves music and dancing. She will "play" the piano with us and calms down whenever I sing to her. 

We do a lot of tummy time-though don't let this picture fool you-it is a battle most times.

Playing at the museum for the first time. She looks so old sitting on the car. Too bad she toppled over right after this photo.

Maggie loves watching herself is the mirror. Am I promoting vanity?

Playing with her boyfriend Aiden. 

The simply joys in life: ripping up the ads.