Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Easter this year went well. Maggie came up to me earlier in the week and asked if the Easter Bunny was going to bring her presents. I decided right then that I really wanted to focus on the Savior and that the Easter Bunny doesn't really come to our house. We talked a lot about how Spring can remind us of the Resurrection and that it should be a happy time. We did all the Spring festivities and egg hunts with friends and family, but on Sunday, we kept it simple. The kids found their baskets (they knew it came from us because heck they were with me when I bought the candy-life of residency) with their books. We ate a bunch of candy, read our books, and then Mike gave a really sweet lesson on the resurrection. I love our little family.

Maggie's Party

Maggie helped plan her party this year. It was very similar to last years party, but when you love princesses as much as she does, why change it.

Table decor

A princess cake, per Maggie's request. I am the worst at decorating cakes so the fact that this is still standing is just short of a miracle.

All of Maggie's favorite lunch food

It worked out that Maggie's room is princess so I was able to just use those for the parties.

The first activity was decorating tiaras.

We then played a Snow White version of hot potato. When the music stops, whatever girl is holding the apple falls asleep until I come around with a chocolate kiss and wake them up.

Tiana's kiss the frog.

We also played a magic carpet ride with Jasmine music, color princess pictures with markers, hit a Flynn Ryder pinata with a frying pand, and read a Frozen book. Overall, I think they all had fun.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Maggie's Birthday

This princess turned 4 today. She has been talking about her birthday for months. Preschool was canceled due to illness (bummer because she had cupcakes and rings to share) so instead we borrowed a friend and went to the Children's Museum in Salt Lake. When we got back, Grandma and Papa Matthews came over with happy meals for lunch (she loves "Old McDonald"). She then spent the next couple of hours playing with the sticker book and princess castle she got from them. When dad woke up (working nights this week), we did cupcake/candles and presents. The barbie clothes and shoes were a huge hit and our livingroom floor was soon taken over by barbies. We had chicken pot pie for dinner (favorite) and ended the night was watching The Little Mermaid. I can't even begin to express my love for her. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meets and tries she best to be nice to everyone.

**The magic never ends when it comes to mermaids.

Sam's Birthday

This sweet boy turned two this month. We started the day with a room full of balloons and a Mickey Mouse Birthday Balloon on his chair. In the morning, he got to open up one present, which was a shirt for him to wear (though it took him a few days of convincing that it is worth wearing). We spent the day doing things he likes, going to story time, Costco for samples, board games, lots of books, a long bath. It seems like a typical day, but I tried really hard to not be distracted with other things during the day and simple enjoy him. We had cereal for breakfast (and lunch if I had let him). That night, we had all the Northern Utah Matthews family come over for pizza dinner. It was so fun to have our first family birthday party. All the cousins were so sweet to him and excited to share their "boy" gifts for him. We love this happy, kind, helpful, yet silly boy of ours. And we kept him alive for these first two years, so that is an accomplishment in itself.

Sam has been talking about having a football cake for so long. He loved it. I made another sheet cake since there were so many people. I died the white frosting green to make a football field, but I didn't have enough so I threw on the left over chocolate and bit of white that I did have, swirled it together, sprinkled green sprinkles on top and surprisingly it looked like a camouflage cake. Not what I planned, but he love it just the same (sad I didn't get a picture of it).