Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Big Chunky Thanks!

Maggie wants to give a big, chunky thanks to Auntie Allison for her fun toy. Maggie loves playing with it and hearing all the phrases and noises that come from it. She plays with it so much that I have the order of all the phrases memorized.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fun and Five Months

Things haven't changed much for us. We got Netflix recently and have watched too much How I Met Your Mother. Mike is taking his first test today; we'll see how he did in a bit. One fun thing we have done is go to Joyland, the local amusement park. Mike has been wanting to go since we've moved here, but I played the whole pregnancy card because I didn't want to go. Well, we had some friends watch Maggie for the evening and off we went. It is a dirty, horror film movie scene kind of a place, but surprisingly fun. We didn't bring a camera because we didn't want it to get wet. I even went on one of those rides that slowly takes you high in the sky and then suddenly drops you. I didn't want to go on it because I thought it would make me sick, but Mike pressured me into going by bribing me with $5 if I got sick.

   This was the ride that I went on.

Maggie turned five months today. I have to say that three to four months went a lot faster than four to five months. Most likely because we were with family while now we are in Lubbock. To celebrate, I gave her veggies for the first time, sweet potatoes to more exact. She gave a face that said "I don't know about this Mom", but she ate it all. I wanted to share a part of her journal that I keep for her that best tells her personality right now.

The funniest thing that you have started the last week of this month is a mating call. Yes, that is right. You, Margaret Karan Matthews, have a mating call. Bradley McClellan (Ryan and Rondy's 8 month boy) came over the other day. Brooke Cowles was having you stand while Bradley was on his tummy a bit a way. You looked his way and gave him a high-pitched squeak. That enticing call had him crawling to your feet, where you presumed to spit on him. What a great relationship.  


Thursday, August 9, 2012

We're back in Lubbock

So, people have asked me what we have been up to since being back. Not much. Mike started school this week so I feel like a full blown stay-at-home mom. Maggie is really good at taking consistent naps, which helps me plan out the day. I have got a lot of cleaning done, worked on old projects, swim a bunch, and hang out with friends. The days seem long when we stay at home all day, so I tried to get out at least for a few hours.

Maggie here is sporting her shoes that she finally grew into. Yes Josh, she is chunky. No Josh, I have not eaten her yet. 

Maggie loves her feet. Often, towards the end of her nap, I will hear a laughing noise come from her room, and there she is, just playing with her feet.

It's official, Maggie can sit by herself. She has a big enough belly that all she has to do is balance against it. She does fine as long as she is leaning forward. Once she looks to the side, she tumbles over.

We got a new toy for Maggie after we saw how much she enjoyed the exercise saucer at my mom's home. She is too short for it, so I have to put a stack of books underneath it for her to stand on.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oregon: Part 2

On Saturday evening, the girls were able to do a girl's night to Bridgeport and had gelato and window shop at high end stores.

Kaylana wanted to sew a bag for her swim stuff. She went with Grandma to buy the fabric and I helped her sew it together.

This was one of Maggie's favorite things, hanging out with some wild and crazy cousins. They were able to make her laugh so hard by doing things that I thought would make her cry. They would get right up into her face and yell "boom". She thought they were the funniest thing on earth.

We celebrated my dad's birthday while we were there and surprise him with a new reclining chair.

Maggie is getting more interested in books as we have exposed her to more. My mom did a great job helping out with our goal, and it definitely looks like we will hit 200 by Labor Day.

Here are just some cute pictures of Maggie.

**I call this hair do "the Jef".

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oregon: Part 1

The second half of our vacation was spent in Oregon for three weeks. We were able to get there in time to spend a few days with Joey's family.

Maggie's cousin Ben was so good to her. He loved holding her and even watched her in the morning one day so Mike and I could sleep a little longer. He is going to be a great husband.

Maggie with her cousin Amelia. You can't see it here, but they are going to be the best of friends (or least I hope) along with cousin Rita.

We went to the beach with my mom, Joey's family, and Annie's family. I love the beach!!!! Everyone was commenting how warm it was where I was excited because it was cool enough for Maggie to wear a sweater (she has only worn it once for five minutes in Utah).

Maggie's first time in the ocean. To tell you the truth, I would picture taking Maggie to the beach when I was in labor to focus my thoughts else where. Too bad she is too young to really enjoy it.

The next day, we went hiking to Punch Bowel in The Gorge with my parents, Joey's family, and Dusty's family. It was so beautiful. I don't think people in Lubbock could comprehend how beautiful and green Oregon is, even in the heat of July.