Sunday, February 28, 2016

Phoenix in the Winter

Mike had a pretty crazy week at work coming up so we decided to pack the bags and head south with the geese. Our best friends from medical school are in Phoenix so we thought we would soak up the warm weather while we can. We first drove down to Cedar too stay with Josh for a night to help break up the drive. Most people thought I was ambitious to drive two kids and a dog 11 hours by myself, but with the help of brown paper bags filled with goodies and a few movies, we actually had a fun time. Here is a photo dump of our trip.

When everything is Disney, meals were a blast for these kiddos.

Met at the splash pad with Rondy and her kids. That was the coolest park I have been to.

I can't believe it is February and we are in swimsuits.

Pretty sure this cement slide took a quarter inch off my shorts.

How do they not get sick?


Sam lasted about 2 seconds . . .

. . .but he would have done this 20 times.

Went to dinner at Organ Stop Pizza. Strange combination, but way entertaining. The kids loved the music, light show, and watching the pipes and drums.

Girls doing a dance show for the seniors. Yes, Maggie is wearing a blanket like a toga because she had to go to the bathroom right when I was ordering dinner and let's just say, we didn't make it. I am sure watching a fluster mother deal with poop flooded the other ladies of memories of them living these "wonderful"/smelly moments.

 Sam's way of showing affection.

After nap time snack/show routine. A picture for each day we were there.

 Phoenix Zoo

We are riding a camel! You can put a check next to that on my bucket list.

And feeding giraffes. Their tongue is so long.

To top it off, you could walk around in one of the monkey cages. 

Sorry for the boob grab. . .seriously Sam, wait until after the wedding.