Sunday, November 9, 2008


There have been many people asking us how our amazing life has been (I wouldn't blame them, we are pretty cool). So, we decided to share a bit of our honeymoon. Don't worry, you won't have to kick the kids out of the room. Here are some pictures that we took at the beautiful Oregon Coast.

On one of the days, we went to look at the aquatic life. It's pretty amazing what those gray skies hide.
When we went on our nature hike out to the cape, we saw some interesting looking animals. Nothing out of the ordinary.

On our way home, we took a detour. You would never think that some of these areas are in Oregon.
Overall, we have a pretty fun honeymoon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Target Trip

After many phone calls, we decided that Target was going to be our place to go for the big event-registering. Everyone has warned us that when they register, they almost called off the engagement or broke an arm or two. I don't know about Mike, but I was sort of excited to see our "true selves" to come out this night. What great stories are we going to be able to tell our kids about our registering adventure. We had a rough beginning with the bedding. I think that every girl will side with me in saying that the bedding color and texture is very important in establishing the mood for your apartment (especially with an apartment like ours which that is pretty much all there is room for, a bed). However, after we chose that, it was pretty much smooth sailing from there. Until the end. . . Mike wanted to register for a HD TV and a Xbox 360. I am telling people that he was joking about it, but I don't think he really was. But, all in all, we are still together so hopefully that accounts for something.

Festival of Colors

Earlier this month, we went to the Festival of Colors at a Hindu temple in Spanish Fork. Getting there was an adventure in itself with witnessing an accident, stuck in traffic, and finding a parking spot. There were hundreds of people at this temple. We could walk around inside (bare foot of course) and watch and belly dancer preform these traditional Indian dances. Part of the festival was to burn the demon on the stake. Once they lit it, everyone threw their colors in the air. For two whole mintues, we were consumed in a cloud of pink, green, orange, and purple dust. I wanted to throw up. It was awesome. I think the gross part was that the red paint would get up your noses and make your snot look like blood. After the paint throwing was done, we dared to eat the food. We could recongize rice and some sort of spinach, but that was it. The rest was a mystery and sure tasted like one. Before we took off, we had to visit the llama. I don't think I can describe the excitement that was running through my viens as I was watching the llama. Overall, it was a successful trip. Maybe we will try this again next year, but only if there is going to be a llama.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life at BYU

Hey Guys, we are so excited now that we are blogging. Here are our biggest news.
-This week, Mike recieved an email how Snoop Dog got baptized and is loving the Book of Mormon. We'll keep you updated on when he will give his first talk in sacrament.
-After studying today, we became famous. . . well almost. We went to KBYU and were the audience for the first live filming of Loud Out Loud (for those of you how don't know, Loud Out Laugh is like SNL). We were sitting next to the camera so I am sure that the mircophone picked up on our laughing. They also used Mike's idea of an elephant.
-We became official stalkers. So, one of Mike's friend from high school came and visited us and I found out that he served with Chris Little. We went on line to the "Stalker Net" (don't lie, I know that everyone has been on that at least once in their live) and got his phone number. With our luck, the number was disconnected. I remembered then that we lives right across the street from us, so we just went over. He wasn't home though.
-Last weekend, we took our engagement photos. We have been looking at photos and videos of Karl to practice our smiles (thanks bud for the pointers)

That's all that is happening, we will keep you updated on all the adventures that we are having.