Tuesday, May 19, 2015

California Beach

On Friday, we went to Herimosa Beach with our friends, Brooke and Steve Cowles. His brother has a house on the beach, so it was nice to bring the kids back for lunch and naps. This is the beach that my mom grew up going to, so it was fun sharing that with her. It started off a it cloudy and chilly, but after naps, the weather was great and the water was warm (at least for this Oregonian who is use to cold water). We went boggy boarding, built sand castles, flew a kite, walked up the board walk, and enjoyed some yummy tacos and ice cream. Maggie loved the sand but was a bit scared of the water. Sam was just frustrated about how challenging it was to walk on sand and resorted to chilling on the board and just eating the sand. It was a great day.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

California Vacation: Disneyland

We just got back from California/Arizona. It was just a fun family vacation to celebrate the end of the school year. We took off Sunday morning and drove to Phoenix that night to visit Mike's mission companion, the Potter family. We stayed up way too late playing Scotland Yard (which I won, by the way), tagged along with their mommy and me tumbling class, and had a BBQ and pool party. We made our way to California Monday night, where we stayed with my Uncle Birch and Aunt Sandy. They were so kind to host us. Maggie and Sam absolutely loved their two yorkies. We had a restful Tuesday. We had lunch with my Grandma, took great naps, went to the park, and had a big dinner at Birch's with the extended family. Wednesday was Disneyland. Oh, was it a blast. We went with our friends from Lubbock, Brooke and Steve Cowles. Megan, my cousin, and her son joined us for the second half of the day. 

Waiting in line for the finding Nemo ride. Sam loved looking out of the windows, seeing all of the fishes.

The first hour was just okay for Maggie. I think she was honestly expecting to walk in to Disneyland and see all the princess. After about an hour, we saw Ariel walking down the street and Maggie was able to give her a high five. That was the turning point of the trip. After that, Maggie was in heaven.

Waiting in line for Dumbo. I was this was absolutely precious. He would sneak ahead in line and climb on the gate just to get a better look.

Maggie joined the fun too.

Yay for good friends!

Figuring out how to go up and down.

We're on top of the world.

It was fun taking turns with the kids. Sam could go on about 75% of the rides, so Mike and I would switch off who got to hold which kid. Both of them thoroughly enjoyed the rides.

You can't see him, but this is Will's favorite ride, Casey Junior Train. 

Mid-day slump. Maggie was about to fall asleep before dinner, but I kept her up so she would eat. That just gave her a second wind. She was up for 15 hours straight that day.

One of the most magically moment of the trip was visiting the Princesses. Maggie was so thrilled that she matched with Snow White.

Maggie asked all the Princesses what their favorite color and favorite dinner was? She was in heaven.

Megan was so kind to save us good seats for the parade. We were front row and in the shade! (which was nice because it was in the 90s). The parade had everyone in it. Some of the characters came up and touched Maggie's hand. Afterwards, Maggie was dancing all along the sidewalks to the left over music. 

 It's not Disneyland without "It's a small world". I remember coming to Disneyland when I was about 8. I really wanted to go on this ride, but no one else wanted to. At the end of the day, my oldest brother, Joey ran across the park with me and took me on the ride. One of those sweet memories I will always remember.

After the last ride on Pirates of the Caribbean, all three kids passed out. This is a sign of a good day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hello April

I realized that I haven't posted in a while. We have been finishing up school, starting to pack up, vacationing up, and enjoying this time that we have Mike with us.

This was Mike's outfit when he was a baby. Out future little scouter.

I have done this activity before when Maggie was younger and she barely touched it because she didn't want to get messy. Well that changed. What you don't see it Sam screaming his head off because he rubbed the shaving cream into his eyes. I guess this isn't the tear-free kind.

Maggie finished up her ballet class and we were all able to go and support her. She has come a long way in her ability. She still loves to show off all that she has learned.

Mike had a birthday!! I surprised him with a guy's night of ribs, priesthood, and video games. I had to laugh because when I walked downstairs after putting the kids to bed, the boys are sitting on the floor, eating the ribs right off the pan. Oh boys.

 Than Easter came. This week was special, we really tried hard to focus on Christ the whole week beforehand. We learned Easter hymns, read scriptures, colored pictures, and watched bible videos. I love the opportunities for me to share my testimony with my kids because it constantly helps me examine my beliefs and relationship with Christ. 

As part of the Ward Easter party, we planted flowers around the grounds.

My family has the tradition of giving books for Easter.