Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Too many hours in the car

We left last Friday for a week in Oregon. We picked the most perfect week to go. The weather has been in the 80's and we got to be at church when my Dad was released as bishop. Well, we did all 11 1/2 hours in one day. This is how it went.

Notice Sam's leg? I think it is freaking adorable how he uses his leg to prop up his doodle pad. 

Holy cow, Sam is a genius. He just turned two and he drew this all by himself. It is hard to see but there is a head with two circles in it for eyes.

When you get bored eating your trail mix, you start putting it between your toes.

Jamming it out to "Shake it Off"

I think we it that threshold around 10 1/2 hours. Sam was getting loosey goosey with his feet. Good thing they were both so tired that it was funny.

A day in the life of us. . . and Mike's birthday

I was bathing the kids when Mike got home. I stepped out of the bathroom for one minute and I come back to Mike sneaking the dog into the bath tub. So gross but kinda funny.

This may be a regular scene in our house every day after nap time. We have perfected the double cuddle position.

Mike turned the big 3-0. I surprised him with tickets to the Jazz game with his brother Tommy and Laura. When he got home from work, I gave him an envelope with the tickets, but since they were the print-at-home type, the ticket only took up the top banner and the rest of the page was a giant ad of U of U women's basketball. He was really confused at first, thinking we were going to a Ute game. It was a great night. We ate at Crown Burger, enjoyed a double overtime game we barely lost, and then finished the night off with Nelson's frozen custard (amazing!!). I love this man so much. I am lucky to have him as a hubby and daddy.