Thursday, September 22, 2016


Oh I love summer, and we were able to end it with a bang.

Maggie completed her first swim lessons. She was really nervous about going into water that was above her head, but the pool had these lessons down to an art and she loved every minute of it. She has always been pretty braved with water, but wow, she learned so much and actually started to swim a bit (more of a crawl) on her own. Next time we need to do this at the beginning of the summer instead of the end.

My mom joined us for a few days, heavenly days. I so wished that she could be near us because my kids she is the best person in the world. Sam loved the one-on-one time playing catch with my mom.

Also, my mom bought the kids goggles, which was the single best thing to get both of them to put their faces in the water. Now I can't get them to stop dunking their faces in the water while taking a bath.

My mom really wanted to go to the Brigham City Temple while she was here, but of course it was closed for cleaning (every time she visited me in Lubbock the temple was closed). We went to the Ogden temple instead. I love spending time with my mom.

Maggie just had too much fun with Maggie.

I always see my friends take Sunday photos, so this is our edition. Mostly because they are so cute and walked in holding hands. How did I get so lucky?!?!

Everyday I have to tell myself that I can't eat him. I don't know why that is a real feeling but it is. He is just so cute.

We got Sam a big boy bed plus he is now potty trained. This is one of his favorite past time-reading books in his bed-and being naked just makes it that much cuter.

This month is the month that we finally get to reap in our garden. Here are my two little rabbits.

Cross dressing my have become a regular activity in our house. 

One of our friends took us to the Tree House Museum. My kids love that place. A pass there may be in the near future.

Can you see some future OBGYNs?

They are Texans, technically.

Mike bought matching cameo crocs, which Sam thinks is the coolest thing.

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