Sunday, September 27, 2015

Loving Life

I have to say that we are loving life. Nothing big has happened, but it is all the small things that make it great. I feel like life gets busy and each week I fill like it will slow down, but it never does. There are so many beautiful things to see, fun things to do, and people to catch up with. But most importantly, loving life means loving those around us. I absolutely love hanging out with our two hooligans and whenever Mike has a free moment, he is spending it with them. 

Maggie on her Daddy/Daughter date getting rainbow sherbet with gummy worms, sprinkles, sour patch kids, in a chocolate sprinkle cone. It was as gross as it sounds.

Hiking with the pooch. 

Dinosaur Park: we all loved it. I felt like we should watch Jurassic Park movies there on a big outdoor screen.

Quick weekend trip up at the Cabin with the Barbers. Love having friends close by.

"Bay Bay" It is cute seeing Sam get all soft and sweet with a baby doll.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Pooch

I have been really bad about blogging lately, mostly because being in a house with endless projects is time consuming and because Mike takes a lot of the day-to day pictures with his phone and I haven't snagged them off as quickly as I would like. I like blogging so that I can look back on it as our family journal, so for that reason, I wanted to share this entry to our newest and littlest member of our family, Mowgli. Mowgli has been mostly good. He is incredibly fast and it is so fun playing chase with him. He loves walks and makes a great hiking buddy. He doesn't bark and really does enjoys being an outside back. But at night time, after all the kids go to bed, this high energy, little spit ball turns into the most cuddling lap dog you have met. He lives to snuggle up onto your chest while watching a show at night (though watch out because that is also when he drops the stinkiest bombs ever). Maggie treats him like her little baby and it is adorable to hear her talk baby talk to him. Sam is learning how to play with Mowgli is ways that Mowgli likes, verses just going up to him and yanking on his tail. So here's to you, "the pooch" as Grandpa Matthews calls you. We love having you with us.