Sunday, July 26, 2015

Thomas Matthews Family Reunion

About a month ago, we started the most family-filled month we have ever had. Crazy at some time, but a lot of fun. First on the agenda was the extended Matthews Family Reunion in Heber Valley Girls Camp. They were a bunch of people that we haven't in many years. Both Maggie and Sam ate way too much junk food and stayed up way too late. So I guess you call that a true reunion. They loved every minute of it. One of the high lights was watching the Family slide show with all the old photos of the grandparents as kids. Holy smokes, Sam looks just like Mike's dad was he was a baby.

**Little side note, I didn't have to watch Sam for much of the time because there was always some cousin playing with him or sneaking him some treat.

**We took Maggie out on her first canoe ride. I was trying to convince her that there were mermaids in the lake, but when she asked the full time missionaries, they were truthful.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hiking in Ogden

These first few weeks, we have been trying to do as much outdoor stuff while Mike has the time and while weather isn't too hot yet. Here are photos from a Hike just a few miles from our house. It was so go to be among the forest after many years of plains.

The kids eating their "hiking sticks".

Backyard Fun

Can I just say how much I love having a backyard? This is want I wanted so bad when we moved. I had such great fond memories of dragging the hose into the sandbox, building forts in the forest, and playing Mississippi flooding on the play structure. I wanted that same innocent fun for my children. So here are a few, or a bit more, of the kids just being kids in the backyard.

This is how every slide experience ends up as. You can tell they are brother and sister, already teasing each other.

Due to the last frost, we only have three apples on our tree and they happen to be right under the slide. Mr. Sam here discovered this week that they look like balls. I don't think those apples are going to survive much longer.

This is him saying "cheese"