Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Update

This post is for my mom. I don't want to be "one of those" girls who constantly takes photos of themselves and only talk about pregnancy. However, one of my friends shared with me that she took a picture each week and wrote a little note to her baby about her experiences. Right now, it may seem that I won't ever forget this sweet moments, but three years from now, I hate to have lost them. I know my mom wishes she could be here with me, so I thought I would share a few with her.

Weekly Update: Week 16
I am officially poking out. As much as I try to suck in, I no longer have a flat belly anymore. I bought a tummy sleeve for some of my tighter pants, and I love it. Sometimes I think I can feel creature, but in reality, it is probably just my stomach churning or my pulse beating.I have gain only 1 pound, so I am thoroughly enjoying lots of chocolate milk and trail mix to boast me up. I feel great all the time and am having the time of me life.

Tail Gating

This Saturday for our date, we adventured out to the Texas Tech tail gating scene. This was a whole new experience for us because BYU has nothing close to this.

Most of the spots were fraternities and sororities hosting parties, though there were plenty of people from the community. They come either Friday night or Monday morning and are there all day long. We determined that this would not work in the LDS culture because of our commitments on Saturday mornings to our family, calling, and service. This rig below was incredible. It was not a grill, but a furnace. They invited us to come back and eat with them, but when we came back, there were tons of people drinking, and I felt like a party crasher.
Texas Tech's mascot is a red raider, which is pretty much a Mask of Zorro type figure. When we got closer to the stadium, they had a live band, concession stands, dancers, and a lot of people. Photos just don't do it justice to show how big this event was.
The school has a tradition to wrap the statue before each game. We talked to some girls who told us that the legend is if the trail begins to unwrap before the game starts, the team will lose. It looked good, and the team won.
While I went back to watch the General Relief Society Broadcast, Mike stayed on campus to watch the game with some buddies. He told me that is was nice to simply enjoy the game and not stress out if they are going to win.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple Festival

Last weekend, the medical school spouse club was having a play date at the Apple Festival in Idalou. I remember reading about this in the "Welcome to Lubbock" brochure that city hall gives out, so I was excited to go. I went with my friend Brooke since neither of us had kids. This was truly a West Texas experience. (*note how flat the land is in the background. It goes on like that for miles)
The actually festival was really small, about half the size of Fir Point Farms, however, we still had a lot of fun. Brooke and I painted our faces with the BYU logo in preparation for the game that night. We wanted to make our husbands proud.
You could get a "Texas BBQ with all the Fixin's". Sadly to say, it was not worth bragging about.
We ate with the other wives while being entertained by a blue grass band. I am not a big fan of blue grass, but it went with the atmosphere.
We also went on a hay ray through the apple orchid, picked and ate apples from the tress, pet the three goats that were in the petting zoo, had delicious apple turnover with Blue Bell ice cream, and came home with a big bag of yummy apples. It was so fun to get out of town and spend the day with the girls.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We're Expecting!!

By now, we have told most people that we are expecting. One common question I got from family members was, "Are you showing?" I feel like I am showing, but Mike thinks otherwise. I will let you the judge of it.

Week 7 1/2: When we found out we were expecting.

Week 13: There is a small bump, but not much.

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