Monday, April 25, 2011


I finally took pictures of something in our life, so Mike gave me the thumbs up that we should blog. I remember when we first got married and Josh insisted that we get a blog. I felt so uncomfortable about the idea because I didn't have a baby to show off (good thing because then we wouldn't have been married in the temple). Now, it feels natural to blog. Thanks everyone for putting up with our nonsense and not making me feel too much a fool for it.

Here is our graduation pictures. Both our families came for the event, which made it so special. We walked with the McKay School of Education, which I loved because I got to see all my friends.

Our on way to commencement. Although it was cold outside, I am so glad it didn't rain.

Beautiful picture of Mike on the cattle run (aka the bridge from the ASB to the Marriot)

We meet our good friend Sarah on our way to the Marriott so we walked with her since her husband had to leave with the other master students.
I always feel like a six year old wanting to take my picture with Cosmos, but sometimes you just have to suck up your pride for the things you want.
Traditional Price family pose. I remember both Joey and Josh taking their pictures here because it is right next to Wymount.
This is one of my really good friends from the El Ed program. We were organized by last name, so we were sat by each other during the program. We talked the whole time, figures-that what we did all during class.

**The rest of the photos, like the one with family, is on our parents blog. Hopefully they will post them shortly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ode to E

Life as a fifth grade teacher have their up and downs. However bad the day can be, these students also keep me laughing. This post is devoted to one of my more "unique" students. She was one of the two students that I actually meeting back in May during "Meet Your Teacher" Day. It seems that when anyone walks into my classroom, E is the only one they happen to remember. She is the only one that can make concert choir into an interpretive dance festival and make an ordinary birthday song into a dramatic performance. Her good writing skills mixed with an imagination that makes my mom seem normal sure makes a heck of a story to read (usually involving night-fighting ninjas and booger-engulfing balls in the same paragraph).

Today, E came up to me during the middle of our writing lessons. Usually if a student comes ups to me in the middle of something, it is because they are bleeding, barfing, or broken. Knowing her, I am expecting the worse. I embrace myself to grab the trash bin to catch whatever bodily fluid may be coming up. So in her high-pitch most sincere voice, "Mrs. Matthews, I am in a play and I need to get a giant, green monster costume together. You know, like a huge head and long finger nails. Do you have anything that would work?" This type of situation occurs fifty times a day. I had two choices, neither get upset and have her pull her card for not being responsible, or laugh it off and send her back to her desk. Trust me, I have chosen the first plenty of time and it doesn't seem to change E. So I choose the second and keep my day going well.

So thank you E for keeping me laughing, along with the whole staff after today's choir performance.