Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Photos

I posted these photos a few days ago on facebook, but I know not all my family is on facebook. These were taken by Laura Ware, Mike's sister. She is such a great photographer. You can't tell because I am wearing a short sleeve shirt, but it was about 20 degrees outside. This first photo, you can see some snow on the bench and bushes. Needless to say, we were only outside for 20 minutes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Its called a Haboob

First, this is Mike speaking.

So, if you're not aware, Lubbock is sort of out in the middle of nowhere. Like hours away from any sort of life, including plants, animals (excluding armadillos), etc. This has some pluses and minuses, I guess. Some pluses, for example, are that 6 hour car trips really don't seem like that big of a deal anymore. 2 hours away seems so close. One of the many problems is that there is not really any trees or vegetation for hours, which makes it so nothing holds all the dirt together when the wind comes. This causes huge dust storms to hit Lubbock, and when it happens the dust gets into EVERYTHING and the sky turns orange. We woke up to one this morning. From just walking to our car after church I was tasting sand for a long time.

So we had a really big dust storm back in October, and I was talking to some fellow students who were from Lubbock the day afterward. When I spoke about how crazy the dust storm was the day before, they kind of gave me a look, scoffed and criticized my word choice. "Its called a Haboob," they corrected, "not a dust storm." I seriously thought they were making it up, so I looked it up in Wikipedia, and sure enough, it is called a Haboob. They are a certain kind of dust storm that only happen in the deserts of Africa...and west Texas. I feel I can safely post these pictures now because I know that my friends who are heading to medical school this year won't be considering Texas Tech, so it won't do anything to dissuade them from coming.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Break

Here are some photos from Our trip to Dallas. I didn't have our camera for our trip to Utah, so this will represent all of our Christmas break.

McKay was so thrilled to see the pond with the gold fish because he was determined to catch one. Though there were close calls, no one fell into the pond, so I call it a pretty successful activity.

Mike was such a great uncle to the boys. He loved being surrounded by three boys and all their craziness. I think he gets nervous that we are only going to have girls (as prophesied by his brother Tommy).
It was so nice to get outside and see "nature". We didn't care if it was the middle of winter and the plants were not in bloom, seeing actually plants was nice for a change.

Kelli let me tag along to a birthday party were we learned how to paint "Midnight in Paris". It was a lot of fun, a great girl's night out.

The final product. I may just have to switch my career to becoming an artist.

We were able to go to the Armed Forces Bowl Game and watch BYU play Tulsa. Definitely a highlight of the trip.
We sat in the front row. It was awesome. I was able to sit done, put my feet on the railing, and still see the game. I don't know if I could ever go back to student section seating.

We were so excited to watch BYU pull of that win. I was such a great BYU fan that I made it onto the big screen two times. Check that off my life's dreams list.

While at the bowl game, we met up with Mike's aunt and uncle and cousins. We had breakfast with them before the game, and their tickets were actually right behind ours. It was nice to see them again.

Steven and Shara were able to come to New Years. It was really fun to catch up with them and hear about all their adventures from the last 8 months.

My mom told me after seeing this photo that I don't look pregnant, just fat. Thanks mom for always being honest. (To be her credit, I do agree with her and saying that this angle is awkward).

Josh and Kelli on New Years Eve. We had a great time hearing Josh's commentary on Free Willie 3, eating tasty buffalo wings, and participating in the one-time annual Price family first kiss experience. Thanks Josh for coordinating that.

We found several great photos taken by our nephew McKay. This one was our favorite, though we did like the one of Matthew crying because McKay had the camera and not him.