Monday, November 7, 2011

I Finished a Project!!!

As my family knows, I have not been known to finish my projects. I love thinking up ideas and planning new projects, but then I get distracted or lose interest. Not this time. It all started with Rachel and Jared giving us this table. It had a light oak finish on top and white painted legs. We spent all of Spring Break last March refinishing the table. I have to give Mike a lot of credit because he put in a lot of work to finish it. I didn't like the chairs that came with the table, and they were too big to move. I found a picture in Better Homes and Garden that suggested colored mismatched chairs and a runner. It took a while to get the chairs done, but I did them all by myself. To finish it off, we used Annie's idea about the empty frames. Overall, I think it turned out great. Next on the project list is getting my fireplace mantle in order.