Monday, March 23, 2015

Sam's First Birthday

We celebrated Sam's first birthday last week. We had a few friends over for appetizers and cake. I really think that Sam knew something special was going on with him. This little man is the best. He is so happy and wants to spread it to everyone (that or he was going to grow up to be a class clown). His grandparents gave him a tonka truck, a shape truck, book, and outfits. We gave him a ball set (best gift ever) and shoes. His friends were so nice and gave him some fun toys. We are so blessed to have him in our family. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

FHE with Friends

We had some good friends over for FHE one Sunday when church was cancelled. We did a lesson on temples. Here is a picture of the temples that the kids built.

Within 40 seconds, Sam destroyed them both.

Sam and Audrey were hitting it off.

The kids were playing so quietly upstairs. Red flag. This isn't even all of it. They went back upstairs after the lesson and dumped all the rest of the games on the shelf. Yikes. It was funny the first time, but definitely would not want to repeat it.

The last of February

These are all the last of the random photos of our February happenings.

Mike and I repeated our Valentine's Day date from last year and plan on making it our yearly tradition. We babysat for our friends (we aren't super big fans of this holiday so we thought we could give it to our friends) and enjoyed some delicious grilled lobster by candle light after kids go to bed.

Maggie "helped" me with laundry by wearing Mike's socks as tights.

 Ironing boards are great as castles.

Our pathetic attempt at making Olaf. A lot of snow, but it just wouldn't pack.

Tea party on a cold day.

 Waiting for Dad to get home from work.

Watching Dad change the oil. It melts my heart how much they adore him.

And so the sibling wrestling begins.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Mischief of Samuel

Boy, oh boy. There is a reason why that saying isn't "girl, oh girl". Sam gets into so much mischief, but I like it to tell you the truth. In just s few months, he is going to teach Maggie how to open the baby locks. Although he leaves a big mess wherever he goes, he is too cute, you have to laugh.

Sporting his sister's necklaces. Sadly, a common sight.

This happens whenever Maggie is using the restroom.

What you can't see is the huge stash of toys that he has dropped through that hole.

The joys of a simple box

To tell you the truth, most of our toys only get played with when friends come over. It is the "non-toys" objects that are so much fun. I wanted to share these photos of Maggie enjoying the wonder of cardboard boxes.

A car for all the princesses to drive to Grandma's house.

 "Scribbling like a baby"

Doesn't she have the cutest face?

Maggie doing what she does best: being silly.

Monday, March 2, 2015


We were finally able to make it to Mike's intramural basketball game. They play at 7:30 which is hard with bedtime, but this last week, I said screw it. The kids had a great time. I could not keep Sam off the court. I had to check out a soccer ball to keep him distracted from the court. Maggie loved running around with the older kids. Mike's team has been on fire, destroying every team that they have played. They have never been able to play in the championship game because they are on Sundays. Playoffs start this week, so we will see how they do.

Sam and Maggie spying on some dancers.

It was cute to watch the kids cheering on their dad, even when they are watching the wrong court.

Here is the famous "Nothing but Netts" team. These are mostly MS4 and MS3 that have been on the same football team and basketball team from the beginning.