Thursday, August 28, 2014

What a great week

So Mike is suppose to be working nights this week, but so far has only had to stay the whole night once. I love the idea of him only working 4 hours in the evening. I have been able to take a nap (i had a cold, so it was needed), we have gone to the park as a family, and Mike was able to work on the car. Funny story. Both cars needed oil changes. Mike has always done them, but I offered to just take them in this time. He decided to do it himself again and accidentally stripped the bolt that holds the oil in the Jeep, causing him to replace the whole oil pan. Luckily, there is a new member in the ward that was so nice to help him do it. But of course, car maintenance is never as easy as you plan and the whole thing had to be redone. He was a good spot about it, plus Maggie was able to "help" the second time. 

Maggie is "helping" Mike. She tells him all the different sounds she hears, makes him "Nancy Soup" (from Fancy Nancy), and hands him whatever tool she thinks he might needs. Having a 2 year old around when working on cars might seem to add to the stress, but when they are saying, "Daddy, I love you so much." the situation doesn't seem so frustrating.
Mike was so dirty afterwards. It was gross.

Sam is getting so close to sitting up. I can't wait for that milestone because it opens a whole new world to them when they can sit up and pull things out of baskets and boxes.

Maggie is chilling in Sam's car seat while wearing her Ariel costume that is half finished for Halloween. After her Christmas dress, I told myself that I would never use glitter fabric again. Broke that promise. Now we have green glitter EVERYWHERE. Now it is all over the car seat which covers Sam every time he gets in.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Also.. .Yikes, babe master on the lose

4 months

5 months
What a hottie!

Growing up so fast

I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up (I know, everyone says that). I get so excited for new stages and development but I really do love where my kids are at (maybe that this stage of Maggie coming into my room at 2 am and 5 am to tell me that she has pees in her diaper-GO BACK TO BED, PLEASE). Sam is moving so much. I feel like he is extra wiggly and squirmy, but I am sure he is just normal since I am comparing him to Maggie who never moved. 

Here is the list of Sam's latest "tricks": he can roll over from belly to back, he wiggles his way around in a circle, sits up/balanced on the chub for about 20-30 seconds, he reaches for Maggie's toys and puts them straight in his mouth (She hates that, but that is what a brother is suppose to do-bug you), if the TV is on, he will arch is back and watch it upside down.

I finally caught it on video.
 I call this sitting up, but technically it is more balancing on the chub
 Tummy Time together
 "Stole" a kiss from Sam
They were both sitting on my lap when I was laying on the floor.

Maggie's latest "tricks": She is getting better with her drawings. Granite, they are no masterpieces, but for being 2 years old, I think that they are somewhat recognizable.
 "balloon"-sorry the glare is in this one
Also, this is what is is wearing more times than not. Her hair is in "Elsa's braids", she loves her ballerina tutu outfit, her princess boots that are 5 sizes too big but they LIGHT UP!, dragging around either he blanket, doll, bunny, stuff animals, or all of the above at once.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Finishing up July

We have loved the month of July. Mike took Step 2 and worked out an out-patient peds clinic (loved his family friendly hours). The weather has been perfect (lots of rain at night and not too hot during the day). We have gone swimming, played in the park, POTTY TRAINED!!, library story time, and played with friends. I didn't get any projects completed, and every week I recommit myself to clean the house and every week I say, "Screw it." It has been good. 

Maggie adores Sam. I took this photo and . . . 

two seconds later, this is what happens.

Mike's dad and brother were driving through and spent the night at our place. I love this photo because there is no doubt that these three guys are related.

We are excited to have another family member live in Texas. I don't know if we will be able to see him much with us leaving on away rotations.