Sunday, April 29, 2012

Capturing the Smile

Maggie has officially transition into the social smile. It is not just a random event, but we can't actually get her to smile on cue. It is hard to capture a good looking photo of it because of camera is a bit slow. But here is proof. 
 This is Maggie's first time wearing shoes. She looks so big when she wears them.

 Sorry Mom, the reason this photo is upside down is because I had to take it upside down. Mike was saying cute things to her that was making her smile. She smiles for him more than any other person. I am sort of jealous.

Mike was complaining the other day that Maggie won't cuddle up to him. Well last night, she finally snuggled up to him. It was so precious.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Official

The inevitable event finally came. We are one more step towards being Texans.

One Month

Maggie hit her one month mark on Sunday. I can't believe how fast time this month has gone by compare to the month before she was born. She has been so amazing, such a sweet baby. She does cry, but it is pretty easy to figure out what she is communicating. Night time is hit or miss. Some nights, she will sleep for 5 hours straight, while other nights she wants to play at 4:00 am. Overall, this month has been so wonderful, and I have loved staying at home with Maggie.

Whenever I tried putting Maggie in the Moby Wrap she hasn't liked it. I was thinking about just getting a baby carrier because she has always had great head control for her age and loves having her hands out. Then I decided to try the wrapping method for older babies and she liked it. She is only a month old, but sometimes I think she thinks she is older.

We are borrowing a bouncer from our friends, and she loves it. The other day, she was making almost cooing sounds and smiling a bit because she was enjoying it so much. I love watching her trying to move her feet to make it bounce. 

Maggie is starting to smile more, though not on demand. This is my best attempt to caption is, though this picture makes her look super goofy. Most of the time, her smile is a gummy grin. (Mom: I tried to flip this photo just for you, but I couldn't figure it out)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend With Grandma And Grandpa Matthews

This last weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Matthews came down to visit Maggie and be here for her baby blessing. Mike gave a beautiful blessing. It talked a lot about her testimony and her understanding of the gospel. I am grateful for the gospel-centered blessing, but that also means that I have a lot of work to do as a mom to provide her the knowledge and the opportunities to grow.

Having the Matthews here was incredible. I love seeing other people holding Maggie and fall in love with her. She was really good at showing off her Price Family Inherited talent: gas. I am pretty sure she is close to breaking the record for loudest. In fact, I was nervous more that she would ripe a loud one during her blessing than crying.

Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Maggie is not the most photogenic person. I wanted a picture of her on a blanket like my baby picture, but all she wanted was to eat.

Grandma and Grandpa Matthews on the blessing day.

Our little family,

Larena told me that this was the first time since his really his own children that Tom has helped out with a new born, and Maggie loved Grandpa time. He definitely got the most grins out of her than any of us.

Maggie is three weeks old and has amazing head control. She would hold herself up for a couple of minutes,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

We started the Easter weekend with Mike's birthday. We had a few friends over Friday night for tacos and Minute-It To Win-It games. He's actually birthday was on Sunday, so we sort of blended Easter and his birthday together on that day. I am not going to lie, it would be hard to have one of our kid's birthday on a holiday because it is hard to make the birthday feel special when you are focusing on the holiday.

On Saturday, the Ward had an Easter party with an egg hunt. This was Maggie's big debut for the ward and really the first time outside (besides the times she has been nestled safely under her car seat tent in her stroller). Everyone loved her, I mean, why wouldn't you. She is the sweetest and cutest thing since puppies. Annie: we tried putting on her yellow bunny outfit that you gave her, but it was still way too big. We will have to try it on this summer for you.

Easter Sunday was my first Sunday back. It was difficult getting there by 8:30, and we can't be late since I am the one that leads the music. Before Maggie was born, I saw this dress on Pinterest that I wanted to make her for Easter. My mom "helped" me make it, and I finished the flowers the night before. I felt bad because this year we didn't focus as much of the day on Christ, but when your child is up from 1-6am, all you want to focus on is taking a nap.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Wish Come True

After years of hoping, wishing, and planning, Mike finally got the TV that he has always wanted. He has saved his own money and took every chance he had to earn some extra on the side for a while now, so when the TV went on sale, he jumped on it. It came right before his birthday party, so of course he had to set it up to show it off to his friends. They have been rooting for him to get a TV since the beginning of anatomy. I really wanted to keep our entertainment center because of all the book shelves, so he got the biggest TV possible. I think that there is about 1/2" to spare.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hair Stylist Mike

Mike hsa been such a great dad to Maggie, whether it be changing her diaper, bathing her, or taking the night shift with her. One of his favorite things though is doing her hair. He calls this the David Bowie look.